Monday, May 10, 2010

Let's talk embarrassing mom's stories

It’s one day after mother’s day and we’ve just cast the My Mom is Trying To Ruin My Life play. The play is based on my book by the same title and adapted by Vineyard Playhouse artistic director MJ Bruder Munafo. The book, the play, my life as the mother of an eleven-year-old daughter, all revolve around the seemingly endless stream of embarrassing things we mothers do.

I've come to realize that being embarrassed by mom is a stage of development, one that perhaps Freud missed. Let’s put it somewhere after the Oedipal stage. We can call it the “Moooommmmm!!!!!!!! You’re sooooo embarrasssssssssing!!!!!!!” stage.

When the book came out last year I made a video of some kids talking about some of the things their moms do that embarrass them. I thought it could be fun to collect more stories. So if you have one of your own, either as a mom or as a daughter, or son, please post it in the comments section. This could be fun.

If you want to heck out the video, here’s the link on youtube:

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